The majority of our offers are mainly addressed to our members. However, since one of our top goals is to provide information objectively and without any financial interests, a large part of this offer can be used freely.

At the moment, the NHS is subject to major reforms so that a current overview of affairs can not be given on our website. We recommend that you consult the website of the following organizations:

We work with some translators who offer discounts to our members. For students, we’ve also included some tips that may be of interest.

How to join LinkedIn

The DEÄV/AGMS has a LinkedIn group that enables members to exchange news and views, promulgate interesting articles, and ask for advice. The group also functions as a forum for non-members to contact the Society. Membership is free of charge.

A number of members have expressed interest in joining the group. However, they are either unsure how to, or have reservations about personal privacy.

For this reason we have organised a PDF explaining step by step not only how to open an account, but also how to do this without jeopardizing personal data. Many thanks to Richard Huddleson of Tua Nua translations for making the file available.

To read and/or download this file, please click here.