Statement on Brexit

Now that the UK has left the EU and the transition period has started, the relationship between the UK and Europe will doubtless change. We will aim to update guidance here on mutual recognition of qualifications and working in the UK and Germany as the situation develops.

Whatever the practicalities of the agreement and the content of the debate, the AGMS is politically neutral. We remain committed to encouraging mutual exchange of knowledge between the UK and Germany. The aims have always been to foster relationships between medical professionals from our member countries and encourage shared learning. The society grew from the aftermath of a post-war Europe and, whilst small, has thrived and survived during the years before the EEC and in the post-Maastricht era. We hope to continue to grow and to hold annual conferences in our member countries. We also hope to foster an environment where people from the UK and Germany are enabled to undertake electives and exchanges in the sister country and to migrate for work purposes.