Newcastle the latest COVID-19 victim

Dear Friends of the DEÄV/AGMS,

Now that enough has been said about the Corona virus, whether correct or not, after many conferences – and now even the Oktoberfest – have been cancelled, it is only logical to postpone the DEÄV/AGMS conference in Newcastle until 2021. Our David Talbot will give us the exact dates depending on hotel availability and other events.

At this juncture many thanks for the preparatory work you have put in. I hope the organisers can carry their impetus forward into 2021.

My grateful thanks to all those who work on a voluntary basis for the DEÄV/AGMS. As I said, they are all volunteers. Since we don’t have a paid administrative office it’s not always possible to answer members straight away. A point to note in response to a criticism we received last winter.

Hamburg was a great success. I had reckoned with or hoped for more attendees, but even as it was, the conference was of the highest calibre. Professor Püschel has become a very familiar figure on German TV in connection with the Corona crisis.

We will be holding a video annual general meeting on Wednesday 4 November 2020 7 pm (GMT). The invitation to this event will be sent to all members shortly.

Now I am particularly looking forward to 2021 in England.

I hope our Kurt Trübner can bear postponing our conference in Essen, once the centre of the world’s steel and forging industries, until 2022.

The Society shall prevail!

Very best wishes,
Your Dr Michael Bohndorf

Welcome to the Anglo-German Medical Society

Before World War II there was extensive exchange between the British and German medical professions. With the idea of rebuilding the professional and personal relationships that had significantly cooled between medical doctors of the two countries during hostilities, the Anglo-German Medical Society (AGMS) was founded in 1959. Since then, a scientific conference has been held each year. The present membership is about 100, divided more or less equally between the British and the German Sections.

The Society’s main aims are as follows:

  • To encourage collaboration between doctors and medical scientists in the two countries.
  • To hold Annual Conferences alternately in the United Kingdom and Germany
  • To encourage an exchange of knowledge and ideas between the two countries.

Please put any questions you may have to our other members in our LinkedIn group.

Please note: There are a number of translators who offer rebates for our members.