AGMS/DEÄV Twitter Account

Nov 16, 2021

Hello Everyone

As some of you already know, I have offered to take on the AGMS/DEAV Twitter account. The account was set up by Tim Killeen in 2012. I am by no means a social media expert, but I do have some experience of Twitter through my role as president of a medical charity.

The main advantage I see of keeping the Twitter account current and active, is that it can act as a ‘shop window’ for the society. Twitter is very widely used by many societies, businesses and educational establishments as well as individuals, and so someone interested in finding out about the AGMS/DEAV might search on Twitter first, and they can then find the website link. It creates a better first impression therefore to have an account which is updated regularly.

Ideally Twitter accounts can be used as a form of advertising for societies and businesses. This is achieved by following other appropriate accounts and being followed back. AGMS posts would then become visible to the followers of their accounts. I don’t know yet what scope there is for AGMS to attract followers in this way, but I will look into following the main UK/German medical accounts, other European medical societies etc and see what happens.

I plan to post and share interesting medical developments, and also from time to time interesting cultural/geographical facts and links about the UK and Germany, to emphasise AGMS/DEAV’s aims as described in the Twitter profile set up by Tim i.e to ‘foster exchange, friendship and collaboration between medical practitioners in Germany and the UK’.

I would be very grateful therefore if anyone can recommend societies/educational groups/journals etc to follow, or comes across an item of medical interest, something interesting about a part of Germany or the UK, or a cultural event, or a language tip etc that you think may be of interest to others, please email me the details, a link or a photo etc and I will post this. My email address is

I don’t think this will be much work for me, as I can run this account on my phone alongside my other account. Understanding the German posts is at present my biggest challenge, aber es wird gut sein, um mein Deutsch zu verbessern!

For those of you who don’t know much about Twitter and would like to find out more, the best way is to watch some Youtube tutorials. There are lots out there and they really help. Herzliche Grüße Lucy

Links to official Twitter guidance:

And the Twitter address is: