Where can I find out about getting a German work permit or the EU blue card for Germany?
Here are two websites that give

1. detailed information about getting a German work permit


2. in-depth and accurate information about EU blue card Germany.

Here you will find a few frequently asked questions on working in Germany.
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In Germany, where do I get my “Certificate of Good Standing” from?
This varies from state to state. In some of the Bundesländer, the Landesprüfungsamt will issue the certificates, in others it is the responsibility of the Landesärztekammer. Some bodies work rather quickly, requiring a phone call only; others are more difficult and need a written application.

Can I get my UK training recognised in Germany?
In theory, there shouldn’t be major problems. Exactly how your specialist training is recognised depends somewhat on the Landesärztekammer you register with on your return. In general, jobs of less then 6 months will not be recognised. Jobs in Accident and Emergency (A&E) can be difficult as there is no comparable speciality in Germany. Non-training posts can cause problems, too. GP training is still a problem because the training structure and content are so different in both countries.

Bear in mind that you might have to work for a few months at a lower level when returning to Germany, in order to get to know the system (coding, dealing with insurance, etc.).